Bioethics Minute Human Personalism and the Defense of Life


Ethics and Nazis

We begin a discussion on ethical conflicts, based on the classical problem of hiding Jewish neighbors in Nazi-occupied Holland. When the soldiers knock on your door and ask you if you are hiding any Jews, do you lie or tell the truth?


Being Ethical Without God

Ultimately, our ethical and moral ideas come from our Creator-God. But can we be ethical without God?


Thou Shalt Not Kill

What about the biblical commandment against killing? Are there any exceptions?


Biblical Ethics

God said it, and that settles it! At least, that's the bumper sticker slogan for biblical ethics. We discuss the pros and cons of this idea.


Ethics and Bumper Stickers – Part Two

We continue our discussion of bumper stickers as a shorthand for ethical theories.


Ethics and Bumper Stickers

What's the best ethical system to live by? In fact, we have a number of ethical systems, and all of them are helpful -- as long as we understand their limitations.


Ethics and Cassie Bernall – Part Two

We continue our discussion of the Cassie Bernall incident.


Ethics and Cassie Bernall

What would you do if someone pointed a gun at you and asked if you were a Christian? What is your ethical obligation? We consider the story of Cassie Bernall in this two-part discussion.


Ethics is for Everyone

Some claim that ethics is a special domain that requires a saintly disposition and theological training. Actually, it's something that everyone knows at heart, whether they follow it or not.


Why Care About Ethics?

Why should we care about ethics? Isn't it enough to concern ourselves with evangelism? Here is a look at the importance of ethical concerns in our daily lives.